1st workshop on

High Capacity SDM-WDM Optical Networking

in conjunction with ICTON

19th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks

Girona, Spain, July 2-6, 2017



Scope of the workshop:

Network traffic carried by core optical networks as well as router interface rates grow at a 30-60%/year pace.  Present day infrastructure based on the omnipresent single-mode fiber (SMF) has been able to historically satisfy this growth rate, but future scaling is challenging due to the SMF’s finite capacity and transmission power limitation on account of optical nonlinearities. Space division multiplexing (SDM) systems based on new fibers with additional spatial conduits for information transmission offer significant additional opportunities for capacity enhancements. Physical impairments introduced by SDM fibers, such as inter-core crosstalk or mode coupling, and potential benefits of SDM, e.g. cost savings via tighter integration, demonstrate that this nascent field is yearning for device and system innovation. The purpose of this workshop is to gather international experts on the broad topic of SDM-WDM optical networking, with an aim to promote the development of optical components, their system integration and network realization, as well as operations efficacy in light of the pressing challenges. Topics of relevance include but are not limited to:

  • SDM fiber designs
  • SDM fiber amplifiers
  • Integrated SDM transceivers
  • ROADM functionality in SDM-WDM optical networks
  • Power equalization over space and wavelength domains
  • Digital signal processing complexity and its mitigation
  • Provisioning over SDM-WDM optical networks
  • Analytical models of physical impairments and capacity bounds
  • Channel estimation, distortion identification, and performance monitoring
  • Adoption and transitioning scenarios to SDM
  • Physical layer aware optical networking
  • Techno-economics of SDM-WDM

Technical Program Committee:


Dan Marom The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Ioannis Tomkos   Athens Information Technology (AIT), Greece



Chigo Okonkwo TU/e, Netherlands
Ezra Ip NEC Labs, NJ, USA
David Richardson University of Southampton, UK
Ben Puttnam NICT, Tokyo, Japan
Roland Ryf Nokia Bell Labs, NJ, USA
Joseph Kahn Stanford University, USA
Salvatore Spadaro UPC, Spain
Miquel Garrich Alabarce   Politecnico di Torino, Italy

Paper submission:
per ICTON submission rules at http://www.itl.waw.pl/icton (4 pages in electronic form, MS Word accompanied by a PDF version), please write SDM-WDM Optical Networking Workshop in the subject line when submitting your contribution. All accepted SDM-WDM Optical Networking Workshop papers will be included in ICTON 2017 Proceedings (published on IEEE Xplore Digital Library).


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