Call for Papers is Open. Abstract and summary submission deadline is 10 March 2015.

Networks offers unparalleled opportunities to meet and hear researchers and engineers that intersect in today's applications that require photonic networks. This meeting will promote research that supports the future scaling and performance requirements of emerging applications, including data center and data-center interconnection, cloud infrastructure and video distribution.


  • Meeting topic categories include:
  • Photonics for Future Internet Architectures
  • Methods to Achieve Multi-terabit Capacity
  • Networking Generation and Detection of Ultra-large Data-rate Signals
  • Integrated Devices for Data Centers and Microprocessor Interconnects
  • Software-defined Networks and Transponders
  • Optical Networks to Support Data Center and Cloud Applications
  • Flexible Grid / Elastic Optical Networks
  • Optical Access and Metro Network Architectures
  • Optical Routers and Switches, Including ROADM and Optical Packet/Burst
  • Control and Management in Optical Networks
  • Advanced Optical Modulation Formats
  • Energy Efficient Optical Networks and Devices
  • Optical Networks Resiliency


For more details, visit Check back often for more information regarding invited speakers and other important dates.

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